La Maison Ani


An inspired concept in effortlessly elegant surrounds. At a young age, Chef Izu Ani immersed himself into French life and culture, to truly encapsulate the art of French cuisine. One of his daily rituals whilst living in France would be to pick up a fresh, daily baguette from his local boulangerie. Whilst undertaking his daily routine one morning, he met a charming young lady, who was soon to become his wife. From that moment on, inspired and ambitious Chef Izu Ani began a love affair with France, its food, its culture and a certain young lady.


La Maison Ani encompasses all aspects of daily French Cuisine. From early morning artisanal bread, viennoiseries and pastries served from the boulangerie, to light and casual lunching in the botanical conservatory, through to the elegant brasserie surroundings come evening time.



Design inspiration has been taken from Jardin Du Palais, a garden in the heart of Paris. Within the Gardens, one will find a myriad of natural beauty ranging from French Flowers, British Architecture and African palms – all three elements are encapsulated in the design of La Maison Ani.