Maison de la Plage


Maison de la Plage is an elegant coastal haven nestled in West Palm Beach, offering guests a relaxed upscale dining experience. Like an ode to the French Riviera, the venue aspires to be the place where friendships flourish, memories are etched, and laughter becomes the soundtrack to your beachside journey.


Maison de la Plage encompasses all aspects of daily French cuisine, drawing inspiration from the wondrous rituals that Chef Izu has experienced throughout his life’s journey. At the venue’s heart and soul is the market, harking back to Chef Izu’s serendipitous encounter with his wife in a bustling French market. Here, you can design your meal while the chef brings it to life. A culinary love story, every bite at Maison de la Plage is a celebration of love, life, and the allure of French cuisine.

maison de la plage


The design draws inspiration from the chic ambiance of St Tropez, infused with a distinctive French touch. It encapsulates the serene essence of the French Riviera, employing a palette of calm colors and playful palm prints that evoke a sense of tranquility.