La Petite Ani


La Petite Ani, the little sister of La Maison Ani, is smaller, sassier, and equally tasty. Reminiscent of a casual and cute French boulangerie, this homegrown restaurant serves Chef Izu’s signature pastries and coffees, along with breakfasts, light lunches, and more in a casual Parisian-style café.


La Petite Ani encompasses all aspects of daily French Cuisine. From early morning artisanal bread and breakfast classics, viennoiseries and pastries, to light and casual lunching.

La Petite Ani


Design inspiration blends French bakery allure with a touch of tropical elegance, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. The terrace is adorned with Parisian-style cafe furniture, and the selection of tropical landscaping that celebrates the Chef’s heritage adds a delightful twist to the traditional setup, infusing a touch of exotic beauty into the space.


La Petite Ani